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Special Event Lighting Chattanooga TN

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While our holiday decorations are typically reserved for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other religious holidays, many people opt to engage our company to add an additional element of ambiance to their special event.  Electric lighting, particularly of the white variety, can make a big difference in the way the exterior or interior atmosphere feels to attendees.

While we do not install high-tech, expensive lighting displays that are the hallmark of pricey electricians and stage lighting companies, our simple services can make a tremendous impact.

We can make a difference in your event by installing the following types of lighting in a number of locations and ways:

Types of Lighting

  • Rope lighting – such as C9, C7, and C5 bulbs
  • Mini lights
  • Lighted Sculptures

Areas of Lighting

  • Along ridge lines of buildings, pathways, windows, and other architectural elements
  • Trees, bushes, and other foliage
  • Around columns and draped from walls or ceilings

If you think your special event could benefit from our lighting services in the Chattanooga, TN area, please call 423-648-4408 or visit our website for a free lighting estimate.





Wedding Lighting Chattanooga TN

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Here at Christmas Ready, we can improve the ambiance and feel of your special day with customized lighting solutions.  While we are not capable of producing some lighting effects that require the aid of an electrician or special event lighting company (which can be very, very expensive), we can produce some terrific effects using the following types of decorative lighting that are within our capabilities:


  • Lighting of trees, shrubs, and pathways.
  • Installation of rope lighting bulbs in interior spaces.
  • Lighting of roof lines, windows, doors, and installation of garlands.

Products We Use

  • C9 and C7 bulbs – Incandescent and LED
  • Mini Lights – Incandescent and LED
  • Yard Sculptures

Of course, we can always install any type of rope-type lighting that a wedding party might provide, or we can source the material at the direction of a wedding planner.

If you feel that lighting could add something to the atmosphere of your wedding, please call us at 423-648-4408 or schedule a free wedding lighting estimate on our website.

We hope your special day is special indeed.




Another Business Undertaking

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I wanted to drop a quick line to let you all know that I’m starting a new business endeavor at  As many of you know, I’ve been involved in and had a passion for the political process for some time.  One thing that always struck me was how state and local campaigns were under served in the areas of political fundraising.  This is mainly due to the fact that the amount of money they raise is too low to warrant the hiring of a full time political fundraising consultant.

So, I decide to develop some campaign fundraising software, write How to Raise Money for Political Office: The Original Guide to Winning Elections Through Aggressive, Organized Fundraising as a political strategy book, and put together some political consulting services that meet state and local campaigns where they are.

This is a new beginning in a field that I’m excited to bet back to.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Many Thanks,

Brandon Lewis


Christmas Decorating Services Chattanooga Article – Times Free Press

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Christmas Decorating Services - Chattanooga


This was a great article written in the Times Free Press about our Christmas Decorating Services. I’ve reprinted the content below and picture above.

Click Here for a link to the original story!

published Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Chattanooga area businesses ramp up holiday hiring

Brandon Lewis looked on as one of his workers stood about 25 feet in the air, stretching from his ladder to just barely reach the peak of the roof he was stringing with Christmas lights.

The job looked tough, maybe even dangerous, but Lewis and his crew are used to the risk.

For most of the year, the decorators are hanging from ladders painting houses. But when Christmas season rolls around, the Painter Ready painters trade in their brushes and pails for lights and wreaths to work in the Christmas Ready division of the business.

“We have some really good professionals that work for us, but during the winter months you cannot give away a paint job,” Lewis, the company’s owner, said. “That’s the worst time of the year you can tell your men that work is slowing down.”

So rather than risk losing good employees to steadier work, Lewis decided to start his Christmas decorating business in 2010. He expects Christmas Ready will break even this year and hopes as the company gets more established in years to come it will turn a profit.

“Roller Coaster” Work

Several Chattanoogans open temporary holiday-themed businesses starting mid-October to capitalize on the biggest spending season of the year.

“The seasonal crunch — it’s like a roller coaster,” said Bob Eichelberger, who was working a Calendar Club kiosk at Hamilton Place Thursday afternoon.

His wife has sold calendars and board games for years, but this is his first time helping her out. Business has been steadily building so far, he said, but he’s bracing for when that roller coaster reaches the top of its ascent on Black Friday.

“After that it’s a thousand-mile-per-hour run to Christmas,” he said.

Seasonal Kiosks

Hamilton Place officials were unable to say how many temporary holiday shopping outlets they had, but Katie Reinsmidt, spokeswoman for CBL & Associates Properties Inc. which owns Hamilton Place and Northgate malls, said each has between 15 to 40 kiosks rented.

Locally owned businesses also benefit from the holiday boom. Chris Thomas, executive director of the Chattanooga Market, said the weekends leading up to Christmas are the biggest markets of the year. In 2010, the thousands who strolled by the 120 to 150 holiday booths spent $150,000, and this year Thomas expects that amount to climb well above $200,000.

And demand is growing. Thomas has hosted a holiday market for the past 10 years, but 2010 was the first he ever extended it two more weekends and moved it inside to Warehouse Row.

That shopping center didn’t have enough space, so this year he booked 36,000 square feet in the Chattanooga Convention Center. That still left more than 50 vendors out in the cold, so next year he plans to roughly double his space.

“We probably could do it this year, but we don’t like to wait till the last minute,” he said. “We’re trying to see what we can get away with, but we’re kind of down to the wire.”

Personalized Service

High pressure seems to be the name of the game when it comes to holiday sales. Heather Hale spends long days sitting at a Hamilton Place kiosk writing names and personalized messages on ornaments during the mall’s extended holiday hours.

She and three other writers will have to work under the close scrutiny of impatient customers while they hunch over their desks, holding their faces inches from the clay and glass surfaces they spend all day printing on.

She writes dedications for a lot of wedding anniversaries, baby’s first Christmases and occasionally an inside joke from a bachelorette party.

“I love it, but the hours aren’t so much fun,” she said. “I’ll sleep come January.”


Christmas Light Installation (Holiday Decoration Service) Chattanooga

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Christmas Light Installation (Holiday Decoration Services) Chattanooga

Americans love a holiday, and they love to decorate for that holiday.  While many companies provide services to decorate for a variety of holidays and seasons, most of them focus on decorating the interior of the home.  These companies are very often interior designers.  They can help make the interior of your home come alive with a festive spirit.

However, there are some companies, like Christmas Ready, that focus on helping you decorate for the holidays primarily on the exterior of your home.  We can help you visualize the focal point of your home and offer ideas to call attention to it, creating your custom display from that point and working outward.  As we are writing out the design sketch for your home for our Christmas light installers, we make certain to move forward with an eye for symmetry and classic appeal.

Christmas decorators like Christmas Ready can help you by providing ideas on your design and the products you select, but some of the biggest advantages to working with a holiday decoration service provider is the time you save, the expertise you get, and the peace of mind you receive from keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Christmas light installation along rooflines is a great way to set off your home and frame your display.  Placing lights along driveways with stake-lighting and highlighting your homes central entrance with lighting, wreaths, garland, and bows gives a designer a central point to work from.  Thereafter, thinking about framing windows, wrapping trees, or lighting foliage is a good thing to consider.

When lighting your home for Christmas, it makes sense to stick with about two and at most three color combinations.  Sometimes, a display can quickly become overwhelming to the eye.  While white lights are certainly still the most popular, colored lights are making a comeback this season and sales are trending up for them.

Lastly, installing Christmas wire frame sculptures or nativity scenes can really add a nice touch and make your display unique in your neighborhood.

If you need the services of a professional Christmas Decorator or Christmas Light Installer, feel free to call Christmas Ready at 648-4408 or schedule your free estimate at We serve Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Soddy Daisy, Harrison, Cleveland, Ringgold, Lafayette, Hixson, Rossville, and the greater Chattanooga area.  Christmas Ready is a sister company of Painter Ready